About Us

Grow and Eat It! is a grassroots effort intended to share information and experiences about growing food for yourself and your family using methods that exclude the use of harmful chemicals, GMO seeds, and other dangerous methods that can be unhealthy for the environment and anyone who consumes the produce grown in these ways. We have a focus on growing produce using methods of old and new that are designed to be healthy and cost effective for our families and yours. You will find freely shared information on what we are doing in our own gardens as well as instructions on how you might improve yours. Join us in our small revolution as we bring about the changes we all know we need to live healthier lives and eat what we grow!

The Founders:

Dave Palmer
Paxton, FL

A scientist in his own right, Dave has developed and continues to improve his own designs in both indoor and outdoor aquaponics systems. Combining his love for fish keeping (aquariums and ponds) with his love for gardening and food, his aquaponics systems are unique and custom designed with a symbiotic balance between fish and plants creating harvests of organically grown edible and ornamental fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Dave is the owner of Dave’s Cafe & Gifts in Paxton, FL– a small farming community in the NW Florida Panhandle. His restaurant features healthy, freshly prepared food with a focus on high quality ingredients and outside-the-box gourmet style dishes in a land where greasy country cooking is the norm. The desire to eat well while living in such an environment inspired him to create an oasis in a food desert. Dave is using his knowledge to help locals and now the world to eat better and live a healthier lifestyle.

Shean Wages
Bethlehem, GA

Big city boy, meets country – originally from a nearby suburb of Atlanta, Shean eventually ended up in Bethlehem.  It’s the crossroads to nowhere, and he likes it that way.  It’s a two lane highway decorated with horse farms, chicken coops, and churches. He’s not afraid to try something new on his plate, especially if it’s a new variety of hot pepper.  His wife Mary has really been the catalyst that propelled him into being vocal about organic produce.  He was diagnosed almost a decade ago with an IBD, and learned through healthier eating habits his flare ups were lessened.  Today he manages his condition without taking any medications mostly in part to the meals his wife prepares using wholesome foods.  Shean’s most charming trait is his giant beard, and the way he plays his banjo.  Expect anything from this guy.  No pedigrees here, just a guy who wants to eat healthier, and learn to grow better produce.

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