Picky Eaters?

As Dave mentioned in the previous post, this blog sparked from a brief but powerful conversation (really text).  It’s the 21st century, that’s how most of us do it now right?  One thing that came up and I felt it was important to write about, was our children.  More specifically, their eating habits.  We noted that neither of our children are “picky” eaters.  In fact, Mary (my wife) has commented quite frequently on how not only our kids, but the neighborhood children are “tomato cannibals”.  She’s had quite the time getting the day’s harvest in the house intact, and the kids have fashioned a new game with the cherry tomatoes called “bust it”.  Alina especially enjoys putting the whole tomato in her mouth and biting into it with her lips pursed – shooting juice and seeds across the room.  Hilarity ensues…  They are this way about all the fresh food that comes out of the garden.

SWTomatoesSunday afternoon, Mary prepared a feast of sorts.  Homemade meatloaf, green beans, squash, zucchini, eggplant, cucumbers, mashed potatoes, and bread.  It all came out of the garden except the meat, and the starches.  even the bell peppers in the meat loaf were grown right here at home.  That was a very comforting feeling, and the kids ate all of their food and asked for seconds.  The best part, we didn’t have to worry about pesticides, and GMO getting into their blood streams.  By the way, if you have never had a fresh from garden to plate green bean, you’ll never eat from the can again.  Now, I will not tell you that fresh food will take away that sweet tooth (I think that is genetic in all kids), but I will say , my kids eat a lot less corn, and corn syrup in their meals.  That is also a good thing, and allows us to control the sugar content in their diets.