Pepper Ace F1 Ace
Days to Maturity: 50 green; 70 red ripe
Huge yields of medium sized 3-4 lobed fruits. Has apparent tolerance to blossom drop as nearly every flower produces a pepper. Widely adapted but performs particularly well in cool climates where bell peppers are difficult to grow successfully. Best for early crops.
Seed Source: Johnny’s Selected Seeds
Pepper-Emerald-Giant Emerald Giant
Days to Maturity: 78 green
Large, blocky bells have thick sweet flesh. Dark green fruit turn red when ripe. Vigorous plants give heavy yields. A good variety for the south. Developed in 1963.
Seed Source: Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co.
Pepper Islander Islander
Days to Maturity: 56 lavender; 81 red ripe
Light lavender skin, pale yellow flesh. 3-lobed, medium-size, thick-fleshed bell peppers with a mild, slightly sweet taste. Fruits ripen through a showy stage of violet, yellow and orange streaks, eventually turning a rich, very dark red. Strong, medium-tall plants yield well. High resistance to tobacco mosaic virus.
Seed Source: Johnny’s Selected Seeds
Pepper Early Jalapeno Jalapeño Early
Days to Maturity: 60 green; 80 red ripe
Open-pollinated jalapeño. Cylindrical fruits are of the smaller, traditional size (2-2 1/2″) and have more checking than hybrids. Earlier but much lower yielding than our hybrids. Small plants. Best for early season plantings for an early crop. We suggest using other varieties for main season production. Organically grown.
Seed Source: Johnny’s Selected Seeds
Jalapeno Ring Leader Jalapeño Ring Leader
Days to Maturity: 55-60
Early ripening, this prolific new pepper runs rings around other jalapeños! Let ‘Ring Leader’ be your summer-long source for tasty jalapeño rings in Southwest recipes and salads, and on burgers and tacos. Fantastic stuffed or pickled too. Disease-resistant plants yield early and heavy harvests of 4″ peppers from early to late season.
Seed Source: Burpee Seed Company
Pepper Joe's Long Cayenne Joe’s Long Cayenne
Days to Maturity: 60 green; 85 red
The fruit matures from green to red and has a good amount of heat and flavor. At early stages keep in a warm spot. This hot pepper holds the record for the longest fruit. Some of the peppers can get as long as 9 inches! If you want very long fruit regular feeding is a must.
Seed Source: Johnny’s Selected Seeds
Pepper-Olympus Olympus
Days to Maturity: 65 green; 85 red ripe
Large flavorful bell peppers. Widely adapted, Olympus has performed well in both the South as well as warmer regions in the North. Medium size plants with good leaf cover. High-yielding, uniform fruit with good flavor. High resistance to bacterial leaf spot races 1-3.
Seed Source: Johnny’s Selected Seeds

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